The GENIUS Award is open to both, young start-ups and established companies, as well as municipalities and associations. There is only one condition: your mobility solution must already be on the market or just about to go live.

The selection process



You submit your entry using our online questionnaire. In the first step, you enter the key data on our website and tell us which category you are entering your solution for. After you have sent your data, you will receive a link to your category questionnaire.



Our scientific partner will view all the submitted entries and draw up a shortlist based on the assessment criteria.


Jury session

At the jury session the shortlist will be presented to our high-calibre jury, who will decide on the winners in the first three categories, also on the basis of the assessment criteria. In the category VISIONARY REALITY, the jury chooses three finalists based on the assessment criteria.


Award ceremony

The winners will be announced and the awards presented during the festive award ceremony. For the category VISIONARY REALITY attendees at the award ceremony have the chance to vote for what they think is the most visionary concept in this category. The winner will be announced and honoured during the award ceremony.

Our assessment criteria

We are looking for solutions that reduce or avoid negative impacts (traffic volume, pollution, resource requirements etc.).

They incorporate positive societal aspects and are both ecologically and socially sustainable.

We are looking for solutions that enable synergistic effects through cooperation with partners.

They create potential for spin-offs or scaling. The solutions can be adapted to suit local conditions.

We are looking for solutions that – ideally – are easy to use, that generate mobility benefits, and that are both visually appealing and elegant.

In short: they enhance the joy of mobility.

We are looking for innovative solutions that introduce new ideas and are therefore not simply a further development of existing offerings.

The categories in detail

The entries in the three categories DRIVING DISRUPTION, CONNECTING PEOPLE and INSPIRING INNOVATION must already be available in the market. In the case of entries in the category VISIONARY REALITY, the idea must be in the phase prior to series maturity, in other words soon to be launched.


We are looking for business models that …

  • are promising and could lead to long-term changes in existing markets
  • open up new business fields
  • represent innovative solutions for successful value added networks
  • generate turnover in a new way with new mobility applications
  • transfer market mechanisms to the mobility sector from other sectors

Examples include:

  • Service providing for mobility applications
  • Gamification of current conventional and process-centred applications
  • Ideas for loyalty programmes and mobility subscriptions


We looking for services that …

  • connect people
  • develop new strategies for transport planning and transport policy
  • offer solutions for infrastructure
  • are software platforms
  • combine ideas to create new concepts


  • Concepts for the design of public squares and multimodal nodes
  • User-friendly and obstacle-free mobility platforms
  • Holistic, open sharing apps
  • New forms of carpooling
  • New concepts merging conventional local public transport and private transport
  • Integrative construction planning comprising infrastructure, energy and mobility


We are looking for products that …

  • initiate change processes
  • provide creative solutions to existing problems
  • extend solutions of the few early adopters in the mass market


  • Optimisation of vehicles for sharing concepts
  • “Last mile” vehicles
  • Charging infrastructure with open architecture and easy access
  • Innovative vehicle components and ideas for the (charging) infrastructure
  • Parking areas and spaces for shared vehicles as “urban furniture”


We are looking for innovative ideas that …

  • have already been technically developed but are not yet available on the market as a product
  • are looking for access to the market and still have to undergo the series maturity phase
  • already exist as a prototype and are on the threshold of market maturity
  • will soon attract customers and generate relevant turnover


  • Vehicles, infrastructure or software solutions
  • Developers are on the look-out for options to scale the product
  • The idea has already become reality; partners are now needed for the market launch

Participation Conditions

The award is open to all companies, from start-ups to big corporations, but municipalities, federations, associations and other organisations can also enter for the GENIUS Award.

The entries in the three categories DRIVING DISRUPTION, CONNECTING PEOPLE, INSPIRING INNOVATION must already be available on the market. In the case of entries in the category VISIONARY REALITY, the idea must be in the phase prior to series maturity, in other words soon to be launched.

Each participating organisation may submit entries for multiple categories – but not with the same project or product. In other words, multiple entries are possible for different projects. “Company/Product networks” may also submit entries. One company must act as “lead manager”, however, and will also be named the award winner if successful.

Participation in the GENIUS Award is free of charge; no fees will be charged.

Where applicable, the scientific partner reserves the right to assign the entries to a category other than the desired category.

Data protection and consent

By completing the company information and sending your entry, you agree to the entry procedure and consent to the use of your data in the entry process. We assure you that we will treat your documents in strict confidence. All entries that do not progress to the final selection round will not be forwarded or published without your written consent.

We trust that the respected status of Handelsblatt will suffice as a seal of approval that underlines our assurance of absolute confidentiality. Nevertheless, we will certainly understand if you would like to receive a written confidentiality declaration from us before you submit your documents electronically. Should this be the case, please send a short e-mail to [email protected] with your name and the name of the project.
We will then be happy to send you a signed declaration of confidentiality.

By submitting your entry, you agree to the publicising of the participation of your company in a short presentation by Handelsblatt and its partners with images and logo.
With your entry, you assign Handelsblatt GmbH and the partners the necessary utilisation rights for this purpose.

Handelsblatt, the partners and the members of the jury reserve the right to exclude entries that are assessed as being unsuitable or that do not meet the entry criteria.

Handelsblatt assumes no liability whatsoever for the loss or incompleteness of the data transmitted by the entrant, unless such loss or incompleteness is the result of a deliberate act or gross negligence on the part of the organiser or its employees. This also applies to the publication of information by third parties due to technical errors during data transmission and/or unauthorised access.

The decision of the jury is final.