The GENIUS Award recognises innovative products, services and business models across the full spectrum of new mobility and connectivity.

Enter now and provide the general details on our website together with the category you are entering for. We will then send you your personalised link. Please then complete the entire entry form. You can supplement and save your entry at any time up to the deadline for entries (September 15, 2019, 12 midnight).
The entries will be preselected solely on the basis of the information provided in the questionnaire as well as the relevant new mobility solution that is outlined in detail in the entry form.

In the entry form, you have the opportunity to describe the various aspects of your new mobility solution in depth. And at the end of the entry form, you can also upload illustrations, graphics and a video clip to visualise your submitted new mobility solution (up to 24 MB).

Please also take note of the information on our website under “Entries”.