To apply for the award you just need to complete our online form.
The application phase is over for this year.


We are looking for innovations which are a transformation of the existing solution and have the potential to change markets fundamentally and disruptively.

We are looking for companies whose innovation or results have significant growth potential and whose business model is scalable and characterized by a high degree of versatility.

We honor results that have already been proven with a customer and have led to efficiency improvement, cost reduction, improvement of quality, or customer satisfaction. Your products should at least exist as Proof of Concept.


During the pre-screening phase all applications are examined for validity in line with the conditions of participation. In addition, an initial assessment is made as to how well the three evaluation criteria of disruptiveness, scalability, and impact have been met. All valid applications are accepted for the second evaluation stage, the nomination.

In the nomination stage the applications are evaluated by an external subject expert, the Handelsblatt editorial team and a representative of McKinsey. The three criteria also form the basis of the evaluation at this stage. The best applications are nominated as finalists.

All finalists will be invited to attend the jury panel session on September 19th. The finalists will have the opportunity to personally present their innovations before the jury panel. Again the assessment is made on the basis of the evaluation criteria. Each member of the panel has one vote and creates a personal ranking of the finalists. The individual rankings are combined to a total result and the best finalists are determined as winners.


On November 8th, the winners will be announced at a glamorous award ceremony in Berlin in front of a specialist audience. In addition to the winners, the finalists will also be presented and relevant topics on robotics will be shown on stage.

We have summarized the most memorable impressions of the 2017 award in a video for you.

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