Conditions of Participation

Conditions of Participation

The competition is open to young companies in the DACH region that have established business models on the market that make use of the opportunities offered by “Net Zero Tech”. The topic is about technologies for the generation, storage and transport of (renewable) energy as well as new methods for avoiding or binding CO2 in the processing industry or emission-reducing technologies in the transport and building sector. The innovation meets the three assessment criteria of novelty, scalability and customer benefit. The company does not have more than 500 employees and is not a corporate start-up, i.e. founded out of an established company or with a majority shareholding by an established company.

The nomination as a finalist includes the creation of a short pitch video for online voting (creation and submission of the video expected between 05 and 13 August 2021), personal participation of a member of your management in the jury meeting on 06 October 2021 in Düsseldorf (including preliminary coaching by an expert) and personal participation in the award ceremony on 11 November 2021 in Berlin. Participation is compulsory. Non-participation will result in disqualification. Any costs that may arise for travel to and from the event as well as overnight accommodation will not be covered. Until 11 July 2021 you can apply for The Spark 2021 via our online application form

Privacy & Consent

By filling in the company information and sending the application, you agree with the application process and consent to the use of your data in the application process. We assure you that we will treat your documents with the utmost confidentiality. All submissions that do not make it to the final selection round will not be passed on or published without your written consent.

We hope that the seriousness of the Handelsblatt is enough for you as a seal of approval for the promise of absolute confidentiality. Nevertheless, we do understand if you wish to receive a written declaration of confidentiality from us before submitting your documents electronically. In this case, we ask you to send us a short e-mail to [email protected] with your name and the project name. We will gladly send you a document signed by us.

By submitting your application, you agree that the Handelsblatt and the partner McKinsey may publish your company’s participation in a short presentation including logo. You grant Handelsblatt GmbH and McKinsey the necessary rights of use for this purpose.

The Handelsblatt, the partner McKinsey as well as the members of the jury reserve the right to exclude submissions that are judged unsuitable and do not meet the application criteria.

Handelsblatt does not accept any liability for the loss or incompleteness of the data transmitted by the participants, unless the loss or incompleteness is due to intentional or grossly negligent behaviour of the organisers or their employees. This also applies to the disclosure of information by third parties due to technical errors in data transmission and/or unauthorized access. The legal recourse is excluded.