Female Founder Award

The Female Founder Award was launched in 2019 by Handelsblatt and McKinsey because female founders are still glaringly underrepresented in the start-up scene, especially among start-ups in the tech sector. With the Female Founder Award, we want to support the many inspiring female start-up founders from the tech sector, give them the recognition they deserve and provide them with a stage as role models for other women. In this way, we want to encourage more women to take the step of founding a company.

We are looking for an inspiring female founder who convinces as a digital pioneer with personal commitment and entrepreneurial success. A woman who moves society and the start-up scene with her voice and receives more media attention through the Female Founder Award and encourages her in her endeavours. An established female entrepreneur who stands as a role model for the next generation of the female founder scene and uses The Spark platform to pave the way for more female founders.



Hanna Asmussen

Localyze supports companies with all challenges related to Global Mobility. This includes, among other things, the application for visas, work and residence permits. HR departments have an overview of every step within the process and are informed of any changes or updates.
Localyze’s mission is to create a world without borders to give everyone equal opportunities and make society more diverse.


Sophie Chung

Qunomedical advocates for more equitable healthcare. We help find the right doctor faster, better and safer.
No healthcare system is perfect. But what if we could take the best of each healthcare system, combine it on one platform, and make it available to all patients around the world? Qunomedical is a digital health platform that helps patients find the right doctor worldwide while helping hospitals digitize their patient journey.


Dalia Das

With neue fische, we activate the potential of lateral entrants and also explicitly focus on women as the key to combating the shortage of skilled workers in IT.
Since 2018, the innovative education company has been training career changers from all disciplines, dropouts and especially women to become in-demand developers and data / cloud specialists. More than 1,200 graduates have already joined and advanced at well-known companies throughout Germany.

The finalists of 2021

The Female Founder Award 2021 was conferred to Katharina Jünger (TeleClinic). Katharina Jünger founded TeleClinic, which is considered a pioneering company in establishing telemedicine in Germany. To date, TeleClinic has treated 600,000+ patients and enabled 200,000+ examinations. Katharina Jünger inspires the female startup scene by ensuring work-life balance in her own company and investing in female-led companies herself as an angel investor. Second place and third place were taken by Mengting Gao (Kitchen Stories) and Veronika Riederle (Demodesk).


Katharina Jünger



Mengting Gao

Kitchen Stories


Veronika Riederle


The finalists of 2020

Katharina Kreitz (Vectoflow) was named Female Founder 2020. Katharina Kreitz founded Vectoflow together with fellow students after her studies in aerospace engineering at the TU Munich. Vectoflow manufactures 3D printing probes to such a high standard that they are even suitable for a space application. She is a role model for many girls with STEM backgrounds due to her unique engineering and entrepreneurial skills and is regularly involved in bringing technical and scientific topics to young women. Second place was taken by Catharina van Delden (innosabi) and Verena Pausder (Digitale Bildung für Alle e.V.). Third place went to Lea-Sophie Cramer (Amorelie).


Katharina Kreitz



Lea-Sophie Cramer



Catharina VAN delden



Verena Pausder

Digitale Bildung für Alle e.V.

The finalists of 2019

The first Female Founder Award in 2019 went to Anna Iarotska (Robo Wunderkind). With her company Robo Wunderkind, Anna Iarotska, as CEO and co-founder, promotes the active use of technology by children. She wants to encourage young women to help shape the future through digital curiosity and supports them in founding companies. Second and third places were taken by Darja Gutnick (Bunch) and Laura Tönnies (Corrux).



Robo Wunderkind