Preisverleihung The Spark

Germany is not only the land of poets and thinkers, but a country of brave founders. Digitalization, the 4th industrial revolution, is also driven by people, who are willing to implement tomorrow already by today. To think big and to move things in a big way are not only qualities of the Silicon Valley, but can also be found in German startups. With “The Spark – The German Digital Award” we, together with McKinsey, want to award business models with revolutionary ideas and create awareness for them. Because we know: future starts here and now.

Sven Afhüppe, Editor-in-chief Handelsblatt

In today’s turbulent business world, it becomes increasingly necessary to pursue those things that have always characterized Germany’s economy: innovative spirit and the will to modernize. If Germany can set forth the right conditions, attract more venture capital, and put in place a strategic investment program, it can create an ecosystem in which startups and tech pioneers can develop into global competitive players. With “The Spark – The German Digital Award”, we, together with Handelsblatt, want to proactively contribute and recognize companies, change markets, and strengthen Europe’s competitive abilities.

Cornelius Baur, Head of McKinsey Germany

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