There is barely a subject that concerns our readers more than digitalization. Irrespective of whether it is a start-up, a medium-sized enterprise or a DAX corporation, almost all companies expect technological development to significantly change their business in the coming years. Manufacturing is networked, the analysis of large volumes of data reveals new insights, cars, trucks and factories are operated by artificial intelligence.
Whoever gets involved has great opportunities- whoever reacts too late risks the future of the company. With “The Spark – the German Digital Award”, we wish to honor those who rise to the challenge with wisdom and courage.

We are currently experiencing a new industrial revolution at the speed of light, the digitalization. This will fundamentally change the German economy. There are enormous opportunities if Germany creates the right environment, for example through broadband expansion and the promotion of risk capital investments. It is necessary to adapt to new competitors, to open up new markets and to understand new customer requirements. If a company succeeds in this today, it will be successful tomorrow. Start-ups and high-tech founders are becoming sources of inspiration and impulse generators for digitalization. With “The Spark – The German Digital Award”, we would like to honor precisely these companies.

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